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The Fortress of Solitude
::Since you've been gone I've been lost inside...::
FANFIC: Requiem of Blood (Dick Grayson/Bruce Wayne) 
9th-Mar-2008 03:17 am
Shakings Hands WF

Title: Requiem of Blood

Synopsis: The Curse of the Vampire has risen once more and has afflicted a special man.  Two well versed heroes and a third of untested mettle must make their way through the dark castle of Dracula... but the man who has become the beast... can their third  really slay him?

Pairing: Dick Grayson/Bruce Wayne

Rating: NC-17

Notes: For Peja. Because she's a nutcase. Crossover with Castlevania : Symphony of the Night.


                The High Priestess of the Cult of Dracula, Anastasia was chanting, her arms moving in a complex incantation. She read from the Book of Nosferatu, reading out in perfectly inflected Latin, the rite to raising a Vampire from a magical slumber. She had to internally laugh at the Belmont clan. They were all so stupid, so gullible. With their magic whip and their desire to not slay evil, merely placate it, they had created an eternal loophole for the Lord Dracula to arise again. She traced the proper symbols in blood and began to resume her chanting. It reached a fevered pitch as the symbols drawn in blood began to twist and turn in the flickering light of the candles.

                The entity was arising… she could feel it.

*              *              *

                Father! The word rang through his head like the jarring ringing of a church bell. It rang throughout his head, like the dull incessant chime. His head snapped up and he jumped from his shadowed bed. His armor gleamed on the armor rack in the corner of his room, his sword stood against it, glinting in the light of the full moon. He could feel the spirit of his father rising from the magical sleep. His blood went cold. He pushed white hair out of violet eyes. It was time again.

                The entity was moving… it had to be stopped.

*              *              *

                A coiled whip began to glow faintly on the nightstand of a man with chestnut-colored locks. They were flecked with grey now, but along with the glow… there was a faint hum accompanying it. He sat up in his bed, bones creaking with old age. There was a mission to be done. He felt shaky as he climbed to his feet, pulling his clothing on with trembling hands. A blue velvet doublet over white doe-skin breeches.

                The entity was living… he had to fight once more.

*              *              *

                On a roof top far from any sort of mystical rituals or crazy glowing whips… Nightwing and Batman were perched on a roof together, overlooking a gang waiting for a gun shipment. They couldn’t actually do anything until the gun shipment actually arrived, but Nightwing was enjoying making fun of the gang members. Batman was mostly trying not to laugh. They were quiet, lying in wait like two infinitely patient gargoyles. Robin and Batgirl were across town, dealing with a completely different issue. It was odd for the two of them to work with one another for so long and not start fighting.

                Maybe some of the cracks between them were finally healing.

                A low mist blew in from the Gotham harbor. The entity was seeking its new host.

*              *              *

                The force of the spell had forced Anastasia to her knees. The symbols twisted like snakes in the flickering light. She could feel some of her energy draining away as the Dracula-esque entity fed while searching for an appropriate host. He was seeking out some sort of darkness, someone would could be easily manipulated by dark and powerful magic. His metaphysical senses were leading him to a place called Gotham.

                The entity followed the scent of darkness to find his host.

*              *              *

                The main dressed in gleaming black armor with pale skin and white hair as well as the chestnut haired man in the blue doublet stood in front of a wrought iron gate. There, a castle began to shimmer in and out of the mist. The veil was beginning to life. The resurrection was at hand.

                Belmont, the man in blue, could feel it through the magic of his whip.

                Tepes, the man in black, could feel it in his blood. The half vampire was still as the wind whistled about them.

                “Richter…” He said softly. The man in blue turned with a sharp gasp.

                “It’s almost upon us, Adrian!”

*              *              *

                “Odd weather.” Batman noted mildly. Nightwing made a soft sound as the mist swirled around him. There was something odd about the mist, something that was making the hair on the back of his neck stand up. His gauntlets creaked slightly as his fists balled. The mists swirled around them and suddenly… without word or reason, the mist cleared completely.

                And Nightwing was alone on the roof.

*              *              *

                Anastasia collapsed with weakness as soon as the oddly dressed man appeared before her. She had heard rumors of the Lord Dracula having the ability to turn in to a bat, but dressing as one could be construed as a bit excessive. She struggled to push herself off of the ground. She stood, knees shaking with weakness. The mist swirled around him and suddenly there stood a handsome man, somewhere in his thirties, with styled black hair, sharp ice blue eyes, and gleaming fangs. His eyes were tinged with a slight bit of red and he gave the girl before him a wicked smile.

                “My Lord Dracula!” She breathed out. He smirked.

                “Yes… I have arisen.” He said in a dark, rasping voice. “And now, you shall prove your loyalty to me.” He said, his voice still rough and low. He stepped forward (or maybe it was a glide) and tilted the girls head back. He bit down in to her flesh, and began to drain her life away.

                She let out a desperate, high pitched howl.

*              *              *

                Adrian Tepes, also called Alucard, stiffened at the sound. Next to him, Richter Belmont’s whip began to glow brighter still. In a flash of light (from some magic source) a young man with tousled black hair was before him. He was dressed in odd clothes, black and blue and tight fitting… and he wore a mask. Alucard sniffed the air.

                “He’s of your bloodline.” He muttered to Richter. Richter nodded and handed the whip to the strange man. When Nightwing’s gauntleted hand closed around it, it began to glow a more intense color. Alucard unsheathed his sword, and Richter produced another whip, this one made of chains and a sprinkled with holy water as opposed to the Vampire’s Bane spell.

                “You will be our guiding light within, child.” Alucard informed the stranger. “What do we call you?” Nightwing blinked with confusion, assessed that it was some sort of alternate dimension, and gave the two men a toothy smirk.

                “Nightwing.” He responded.

                “I am Alucard… and this is Richter Belmont.” Alucard explained. The wrought iron gates swung open as the scream from the castle died out. Alucard licked his lips.

                “It has begun.” He said solemnly and he took the first step within the grounds of the castle.

9th-Mar-2008 07:33 am (UTC)
its interesting so far... dark.. I like.

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